Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy bee

Hello, everyone! So sorry about being away so long! There are so many things going on, what with summer chores, dear son's upcoming wedding (I'm doing the invitations), and adding in several new shops. I've been dropping the ball on getting new designs out to you but, as happens so often in the summer, things will definitely get better in the next few weeks.

On the summer chore side, last week DH and I hired a dumpster and tore down 2 old sheds on our property.  We filled that monster to the brim!  Then, this last weekend we cut up several tree trunks that we'd felled some weeks earlier. Fortunately, our neighbor decided they wanted the wood for a new firepit, so we didn't have to try to wrestle the wood to the dump.

Dear Son's wedding invitations are coming along swimmingly.  The hockey ticket invitations themselves are designed but my printer has decided to be stubborn, so it's looking like a new printer will be in the works before they can be printed. I'm also doing a reception card for Dear Son and his bride, and a liner for their invitation envelopes, which of course also depend on our getting that new printer. *grin* It never ends, does it!

Our new shops are in teacher venues.  If you're a teacher, I hope you'll check them out at:


I'm looking forward to everything settling down really soon.  Can't wait to get back to designing.  I have a to do list as long as my arm!

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