Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April showers?

Does when it rains it pours have anything to do with April showers? Got DH's car back from the body shop and we were driving to see dear son and his family (first long trip since the snow melted).  Only got halfway there when a horrible howling sound started at the back of the car, like a high speed wind rushing in an open window.

We stopped twice.  DH looked at the back tires.  One wheel was getting hot, so looked like it was a dropped brake shoe or bearing.  We had to turn back and come back home or risk the brakes giving or the car catching on fire.

DH brought the car into the shop today.  The brakes are worn out (DH had noticed the rental car's brakes were much stronger).  And true to DH saying one tire looked low, there was a nail in the sidewall of the tire, so now we need the back tires replaced.

Well, as the saying goes "better safe than sorry".

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