Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The best laid plans...

There are times when you sit down to work on your current project and your brain just can't get into gear. And there are times when you really want to create something and it's going nowhere.  Today, those two things came together for me.  I couldn't get anywhere with my garden project but I looked around and suddenly St. Patrick's Day seemed to call to me, so I jumped in with both feet.

I'd already created 4 or 5 items for a set of clip art but I just couldn't get myself to focus on working on a leprechaun.  I knew I wanted to base the leprechaun on my Thanksgiving boy pilgrim because they dress in a similar manner but that's all I knew.

Time to call in the Google Meister.  I looked up leprechauns and began to get a feel for what characteristics most folks saw as being leprechaun-ish, and after just a few hours work my leprechaun was in one piece and all the little loose ends tied up.

So, here is Candy Box Digital's newest clip art series, for St. Patrick's Day.  Hope you like it!

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