Saturday, March 1, 2014

A new, fun start!

Good morning, Everyone!  Welcome to Candy Box Digital's all new blog on Blogger!

What's this blog about?  Well, mostly it's a way to introduce you to new products that I - chief cook and designer at Candy Box - have created, and then we'll add in a tidbit here or there talking about my life at home with DH (Brian) and our puppies.  Believe me, with the puppies - especially the new girl, nicknamed Squee - things are not quiet around here, even though our two boys and a girl having moved on with their lives.

Oh, especially with something new coming up - and it's not a design.  My younger son, 28, is getting married this Fall!  So there's something new for you to learn from this blog.  I really need to get use to telling you the special things that are happening in my life!

New products coming up?  Currently, I'm working on some items from Spring: birds, garden items, etc.  It feels far from spring at our home right now but I know it's just about there for some of you, and I sure need to feel it's coming.

So here's a little peek for you, so you can see where things are heading for spring.

Have a great weekend!


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